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Director - Martin Desalvo

As summer ends.jpeg

As Summer Ends

Teachers at Clayton Elementary School prepare for the first day of school.

This film is an examination of the expected structures of a documentary. The goal of the film is to participate effectively within the constraints of a documentary, while also providing as little information as possible. The film looks like a documentary, however, it is anything but. The pacing and repetition create a hypnotic feeling while the lack of clear information causes the viewer to analyze the actions for themselves.

Director - Truman Matheny

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As Summer Ends

(local short film)


After praying with a female student, a college professor finds himself falsely accused of inappropriate conduct with her, leading to his dismissal but her spiritual liberation.

Directors - Rachel Bohanon + Matthew Lyda



(international short film)


Through a series of enigmatic and dreamlike scenes we meet a boy, a man and a woman, each in their own way engaged in a journey through inner and outer landscapes. The fourth “character” is a mysterious glass ball, wandering around from hand to hand. Some times distant and unreachable, some times close and tangible. Like waves, the characters drift towards and away from each other.
Noen is a cinematic poem about enchantment and loss, hope and longing. Inspired by the lyrics of Nick Cave, but not meant to be an illustration or interpretation of these.
The film is almost entirely without spoken words, and the story is driven by images, music and movement. The adult main characters are played by professional dancers, and there are two dance sequences.

Director - Bernhard Østebø

okay ai-i.jpeg

(local short film)

As she recalls the harsh treatment received at the hands of her programmer, an android decides she's had enough.

Directors - Sarah Emery + Matthew Emery

sally chooses adventure.jpeg

Sally Chooses Adventure
(short film)


When left with no options, Sally draws the only conclusion possible: choosing her own adventure.


Director - Matthew B.W. Sheehan


The Bunker.jpeg

The Bunker
(local short film)

the bunker

A man wakes up in a Bunker, with no idea how he got there. He soon learns the truth is worse than he ever could have imagined.

Director - Richard Tavernaro


(local short film)

A husband struggles with his mentally ill spouse, while their young son's future hangs in the balance.

Director - Jeffrey Charles Morgan

twin flame hotel.jpeg

Twin Flame Hotel
(local feature)

A number theorist and a naturopath keep an old promise and share a night of reminiscing, dreams and infinite probability.

Director - Gavin Thagard + Michael Howell

uncle ivan.jpeg

Uncle Ivan
(local short film)

When one girl loses everything she has to the hands of a stranger, she must choose to become an avenger under the influence of her uncle or to maintain her innocence.

Directors - Ben Walters + Nathan Walters

uncle ivan


(documentary feature)


Ninety percent of the world’s ancient oyster reefs have collapsed in the last thirty years. Faced with the human pressures of coastal development, pollution, reduced freshwater flow, and overharvesting, the renowned oyster reefs in Florida’s Apalachicola Bay are now slipping toward the same fate.


Fresh water management, artificial reefs, shell recycling, and other restoration strategies may be able to save the world’s oyster populations from complete collapse. It’s not too late.


Director -  Joshua Bryan McLawhorn


Unicorn Training
(local short film)


A dejected man on the verge of divorce meets a bodacious woman dolled in fur at a bar... arousing a whimsical night of eroticism.


Director - Craig Alan


(documentary short)

There are more than 16,000 individuals in North
Carolina with an intellectual or developmental disability on a "List of Unmet Needs" for Medicaid waivers that fund in-home supports, allowing them to remain living in their own homes rather than a state institution or skilled care home. Many have been on the list for 10 years or more, and some may wait 15 years.

Director - Robin Rayne

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